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Canning Basics

Gain Canning Confidence

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Would you like to learn how to save money and eat healthier by canning your food?

What equipment and tools do you need?

Is canning safe?


Canning Basics is an online Canning Class that takes me right to your kitchen, virtually!

Need the visual reassurance?

Canning Basics will get you the confidence to get started canning.

Like Nadine...

"Thank you Sharon!!! I made it through the videos. I just have to say, "WOW"!!!!! I am so excited for you. This is genius! I just can't say enough how amazing this is. You have done amazing job! It's as if you were in my kitchen telling me how to do it. That's a huge deal I think! Also, what more could a person ask for, than to have someone lay out all of the info they need, along with the links to get it! My thoughts... You share great info about yourself, but not too much, and move things along well. Great points about safety. (I think of you each time I hear someone say "I'm scared of using a pressure canner.")"

What do you get?? 

  • Immediate access to virtual Canning classes - video tutorials - designed to teach you what you need for safe home canning.
  • Downloadable and Printable Simply Canning Guide - an e-book full of the basics of canning and many printable resources.
  • Canning Tutorials with recipes and directions to print and create your own canning notebook.
  • Unlimited Access to new tutorials, tips, and content as they are created.

  • What canning method you should use
  • Information on Canning Equipment
  • Which Pressure Canner is the best
  • How Waterbath Canners work
  • How Pressure Canners work
  • What to do with your jars once you are done canning
  • Printable Altitude Adjustment Charts
  • Printable recipes in the free download, Simply Canning Guide
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • New tutorials added throughout the canning season


Both Video and Text content available as soon as you purchases. Repeat these lessons as often as you need.


Canning with Confidence! That is what we are after. A perfect place to be for any new canners out there. This is going to fill you in on just how easy it can be.

As a safety conscious mom of 4 sons, I love the confidence of knowing how canning works and why we do what we do.


"I've been searching for local canning classes for months with no success. This very affordable program fulfilled the need and was easy to view at my own pace and from the comfort and convenience of my home computer. Thank you for a comprehensive, easy to follow canning program! Especially helpful for those who benefit from visual learning." - Lynn

"Very helpful videos! I thought you did a very thorough job. I have been canning many years and learned new things watching your series. Thank you for your dedication to helping more people feel confident about becoming a home canner. Lord bless you Sharon."- Mona Pargee

"Thank you this is an awesome set of lessons. LET THE CANNING BEGIN!" - Connie

"Hi Sharon - my husband purchased us your Canning Basics videos, and I've really been enjoying them. You're a great teacher and it's easy to get excited about all the possibilities since your videos make me feel like I can actually do this thing. My husband just bought me an All-American pressure canner and I can't wait to try it out, but I want to make sure I get as much instruction as possible first. Many thanks for the hard work you've put into these videos!" - Shannon

Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson
Lead Organizer

About the instructor

Hi there, I'm Sharon Peterson of

I've been successfully filling our pantry with homegrown food for years now. I love the confidence of knowing that I have enough stored up to take care of my family and knowing exactly where that food comes from.

Join me. I'd love to walk with you on this trail of learning how to "put up food" as our grandmothers might have said.